The Lost Goodbye

One of the sadder parts about the moving process is that right when you need to be saying goodbye to many important people in your life, you are so frazzled by the stress of it all that you end up fumbling the fond farewell.  I have the benefit of being able to say I can come back for a visit — Juarez and DC aren’t that far apart.  But still. For now, all I can say is that I will miss you all terribly and in a couple of weeks when my brain is once again situated inside my head I’ll be able to more articulately express how grateful I am to all the wonderful people I met during my time here and how much they mean to me.

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1 Response to The Lost Goodbye

  1. Norphy says:

    It hit me on the way to the airport and then the entire flight over. It felt like I was being surgically removed from everything and everyone I’d been attached to my whole entire life -without anesthesia. But I think (hope) the next moves will be easier.
    Anyways, have a great time south of the the border! I’m happy will be able to follow you through this blog : )

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